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Are you looking for a Bargain?

What is the cost of a bargain?

As developers, the challenge is always to add value for our clients. We need clients to sustain and grow our businesses.This is always the challenge. How far do you go to please or retain a client?

A couple of challenges come to mind: Time and Payment ….

As developers we sometimes spend an insane amount of time on trying to find a solution to a particular challenge. We want the best for our clients and therefore most are willing to go the extra mile to provide the best possible service or product.


So, what does the customer want. Usually, at the start of a project, money is not an issue. As time goes on and the client usually loses steam. Our job is often complicated by keeping the client motivated. After all they have invested time and a deposit fee. We have to keep them involved and keep reminding them of their investment and purpose of their pending online presence. Why should we do this? Well, as a developer, I am passionate about getting people online, and find it satisfying when I see their business opportunities grow. Of course, as a developer, I am in business, so I also need to get paid.

There is all sorts of advise about staying away from bad clients, and how to tell which to keep at bay. I am of the mindset that we have a job, and if that involves a little coaching, so be it ! No, I will not unduly torture myself or accept abuse.

All clients (even you) are looking for a bargain. The trick is to be clear about your offerings. Put a contract in place, if necessary. Determine the boundaries(scope, timeline, payment plan) and stick to them. Put penalties in place, to cover yourself and the client. If boundaries are not clear, they will be tested.




Remember, your time is worth the value you place on it.

Be sure to deliver on your promises, and YES…… exceed them. That bit of extra effort does pay off.

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